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Gacha Life Club

Gacha Life Club

The combination of two popular Gacha versions is already on your screens. Developers tried to add all cool parts of two projects in one game, so the result came very cool. It will please all fans of this product.

Gacha Club gets more and more popular on the Internet because of many useful functions that are built to the process. It’s time to try other versions. For example, here you will receive the full access to the Gacha Life Club no matter what platform you use.

Customize Your Character

The main feature of this product is a character creator, where you can find every look you want. Try these cool hairstyles. Cute buns, long ponytails and beautiful braids will perfectly fit your personage. Fashionable accessories, like golden earrings and modern hats complement your outfit and make it finished.

Change facial features, for example, choose a different eye colour, nose shape and brows for your character. And explore other possibilities to make your personage unique. And that’s not a whole work.

Go pick a stylish outfit from all clothes that were added to the game. Official suits, fashionable shirts, cute skirts, gorgeous dresses and other costumes are at your disposal. Choose looks for all scenes of your future video and add matching accessories to them.

Try Yourself as a Professional Video Maker

You have the fantastic opportunity to film your own video with your favorite heroes. Choose the perfect background for your filming – it can be the busy street, green park, beautiful alley or the railway station.

Think about your story and create dialogues for it. Show the real life stories of your heroes. Arrange the romantic date, sad farewell scene or recreate the average conversation between passers-by. And various decorations will help you in this process. Place animals, flowers, cars and other objects to make the picture full. On PC all those actions are very easy to do, so even newbies are able to master this function.

Join the Gacha Club and Battle With Other Players

Unite with other fans in groups and pass the fascinating fights. All characters here have their own elements that they can use in fighting – water, wind, fire, light and dark elements. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and are more effective in combinations. And with cool music your battles become more interesting and fascinating.

The controls are pretty easy – you just need to attack your enemies with your skills, and when you collect a certain amount of MP, press the special skill button, which causes more damage, than usual attacks. And you should not forget about mini games that are an amazing variant to relax with your friends. Smash targets, participate in dynamic shooters and memorize cards to receive the reward. With these gems you can purchase various decorations and outfits for your videos.

It is a very funny project and you may see many cringe compilations about it on the Internet. Become the part of this friendly community now on this site. Developers made it available for all platforms, so the Windows users are able to participate too. Start it and enjoy your leisure with your friends and other players now!