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Gacha Club Afton Family

Gacha Club Afton Family

Finally all real fans of Gacha Club have the opportunity to try new cool updates that developers added to the process. Dress your characters, enjoy exciting mini games, battle with skilled players and explore other opportunities here. Start now and try all exciting novelties first.

You have the possibility to create every person that you want. Change eyes color, nose shape, mouth, choose the beautiful make up, add cool accessories and pick a stylish outfit. The amount of cute skirts, gorgeous dresses, fantastic suits and colorful shirts amazes all fans of this product.

You also can choose the ready-made character from the beginning and don’t spend time creating the new one. For example, the Afton family from the famous horror project is available for all fans. Pick them, if you want to film a horror story, because they will perfectly fit in the scary atmosphere.

In this game you are able to choose between different interesting activities. Show your dancing skills, win in a cartoon shooter, memorize cards, draw pictures and hit ducks. As a reward you will get a certain number of gems that you can spend on special costumes, unlock unique heroes and place new objects and backgrounds while making funny comics or videos. Or you can try yourself in tough fights with other players.

Go to the Gacha Club arena, press the start button and battle, using elements and combinations of them. You need to use the special skill in time to win the round. But remember that there are many waves of enemies in the battle. Place your characters on the field and use them to defeat your adversaries.

Improve your skills, communicate with community members and play with friends.